Gosh, this has been a long time coming. I can remember sitting in the lobby of 11 E with my roomie in my early twenty somethings, planning out Adventuring to Neverland things. Only now is it coming to fruition. Wanna see the beginning, look it up on Tumblr. I warn you, it’s ridiculous. And a very poor attempt at being thought provoking. Shaking my head, because I don’t feel like acronymming that. And now I’ve written a novel just for an acronym. This just snowballed.

That’s life though, right? Ya gotta live it to learn it to love it to do it, yah?

Hey there, Jessica here! Fire wifey, momma, and blogger/ creative writer (gasp!!!!- there ya go world!!!!) Welcome to this wonky little place for fun and adventures with my little fam jam with some big kid adventures intermingled in there.

Remember, adventuring can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. I’m pretty sure some of my fave memories are from building forts in the living room… ammmiright?!

Also… forewarning, I write like I speak and I have a very poorly adjusted filter to grown-up life. Call it my inability to say goodbye to my shadow- I’m holding onto it for dear life- whilst balancing a mimosa on my forehead.

Let your you shine through, it’s the only one this world’s got.