Burn Boot Camp

When was the last time you walked into a workout situation with an eager beaver face on, ready to take on the world of reps and high intensity interval training, all the while ready to engage in some bonding with new compadres and kick butt trainers?

That’s a run on question and also an attempted hook, did I lure you?! Was it too much? Don’t answer that I think I know… I’m just super stoked to share the goodness that is Burn Boot Camp in Stone Oak (also in New Braunfels- also all over the southern part of the country, just click here to see where you can find one near you). When I entered, I immediately felt welcome. T’was a very refreshing change from other workouts i’ve done in the past.


The entryway is separated from the workout area with a wall that has all of the Burn Goodies to make your heart content. As you walk around the wall and set your belongings down in the cubbies, you’ll see the workout floor, which is lined with rows for organization and to keep the inner teacher in us all happy. I walked to my spot, trying to stay near the back so I didn’t look too creeper-ish whilst shooting pictures.

Warm Up.jpg

All equipment for the days workout is already set out and ready to go, alls we needed was our warm up and instructions to get started, so I waited, getting the stagnant stretching out of my system (even though I know its bad to do stagnant stretches before a warm up, look at me, I learned something from those Jillian Michaels workout DVDs).

Promptly at 6:30 am, our instructor came on the mic with an intensity and bubbliness that I envied, I had gone without my morning cup o’ joe. She immediately had us start with high knees, and introduced herself with a spirited high five while we tried to knock our chins with our knees (Maybe that was just me, carryon)…. After a few minutes of warm ups, she had us start with body weight squats while she explained the days workout, and we switched individual workouts until she was done explaining, then she had us split into groups of three and get tootin… the word ‘working’ works better here, we weren’t a bunch of tooters. This is awkward.

Again, it was cardio day, and y’all may not know this about me, but… I HATE CARDIO. However, I literally blinked and it was over. The dynamic of the workouts made it fly by. I don’t know, maybe there’s some magic involved, but I definitely felt the soreness afterwards so it for sure happened.

Happy Lady.jpg

During certain class times, whilst the grown ups get their workout on, the tiny humans get to play too, fo FREE- no additional charges here bro bro! I explored the playroom with Ellie and let me tell you, I almost had to be dragged out because I was having so much fun… this may be a stretch too, but it is fun, and Ellie didn’t even notice I left her for a hot second while I snapped some pictures. And it’s very well muraled I might add (they have a super happy mural, if that verbage confused you).

Burn has weekly protocols that change at the start of each week. This way, the workouts stay spicy and your body is always guessing what kinda salsa it’s getting. That was a dumb analogy. Please ignore. Nonetheless, the trainers can tweak the workouts however they see fit, and can base it on the group. I like this A LOT, because how many of us have gone to a class where its always the same ole thing and our body eventually stops getting sore because the muscle memory is set. in. stone. Change it up y’all!

Burn also bases everything it does on 5 core values… Mindset, nutrition, HIIT, strength and community. That last one takes the cake for me y’all. It doesn’t matter how good a workout is, if the community around you isn’t supportive and is all turkey-like, flexing in the mirror and gruntin, then by golly you’re still gonna feel like poo and unwelcome. I LOVE that they focus on the community aspect of exercise, my heart groweth 5 times its size… (grinch reference, I can’t not).


Anywhos, if you haven’t tried Burn Boot Camp, go on, get! It’s so very inviting and at the same time, it’ll make you workkkkkk. The newest location in Stone Oak is running a special right now, so be sure to run on in and get in on that action… but if you run in, make sure you run carefully and preferably in the morning before the sun blazes down on the earth and turns Texas into molten lava. Also, stop at the crosswalks and look both ways. Also, don’t run, just drive on in. Or bike. Or train. Or bus. HOWEVER YOU GET THERE, JUST GO! K bye.

(oh and on Saturdays, they offer free classes so you can try it out for yourself. Fun facts are fun)