Denman Estate Park… and Korean Beef

You know when you live somewhere for a while, yet you’ve never even heard or seen some of the neat things near you?!

Well, that’s me and Denman Estate Park. Located near the Medical Center in San Antonio, Denman offers a happy little escauuuupay from city life, yet it’s smack dab-ish in the middle of it.

As we (E and I) walked upon the park from the parking lot, I was literally clueless as to what we were about to encroach upon. I’m not really sure how I feel about using the word encroach ever in my life, because it consists of the word roach. But here we are, using encroach… more than once. unnecessarily. Especially because I’m quite positive that i’m using it incorrectly. Minor details.

Back to it, whilst doing my research, I saw a picture of an interesting pagoda thang, which we’ll go ahead and say is what lured me into the adventure, but that was the extent of my knowledge of this hidden SA gem. Maybe this will open up the world for at least one additional person. Maybe.

All Mazey Like

As E and I strolled (literally) down the pathway toward the lake, we happened upon a very short (in the literal height and length sense) maze, and there was a little placard that shared the wisdom to ‘reflectively follow the path until you reach the center. There, let go of the concern. Find the way, by walking the way.’

We did not walk this maze, so we did not walk the way, mainly because we had a stroller in tow anddddd after reading the placard, I didn’t want to go and tromp up on all that tranquility. I wanted to be the opposite of a tromper, whatever that means.

Denman Estate Park

We took a deep breath, and carried on. Okay, to be fair, I took a deep breath and pushed E on, while she just kept munching on her goldfishies. As we approached the lake, I took in the scene. There, set out on the other side of the lake- I call it a lake, but it should more fairly be called a pond- was a beautiful pagoda from some foreign land. Ellie observed, I observed, the duckies observed.

Beware of the Tiny Human

We found the nearest cypress looking tree and popped a squat to take it all in from a distance. We looked at the ducks, which ran (:edit, swam) away as fast they could, we climbed up the treacherous ‘knees and elbows’ of the trees, and we got a little dirty. Once we had our fill, we scooched on over to check out that there pagoda.

Turns out, the pagoda is not a pagoda, but a pavilion, and it was gifted to San Antonio by the city of Gwangju, South Korea to ‘facilitate business and cultural friendships’ between the two cities , isn’t that special?! We are a sister city with them, DID YOU KNOW THAT?! because I sure as heck did not.

Luring E away from entering the pavilion posed as a slight problem, as anything that is blocked off screams ‘ LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME COME PLAY’, but aside from that, it was quite nice to see all of the intricate details of the pavilion.

Along the pathway, just past the pavilion, is a neat little door that E quite fancied, so we walked in and out… over, and over and over. and over. and over again. After that, we watched the one billion squirrels run up and down the trees.

A Mathematician

There is a neat little walking path that goes all along the property of Denman Estate, I’d say about 4 laps and you’d have a mile… If I was actually good at math or gauging distance, which I’m not. We walked one loop. Which would mean we may or may not have walked a quarter mile. As we looped around, we passed by our fancy pavilion again and had a gander at a neat little pool house that had seen better days. We plopped down and finished our snack while creeping up on the ducks and, again, scaring them away, such is life with a one year old.

That was it, then we went home. But we reflected on… jk we did no calm reflection, what do you think this is, a life of yogi bears?!

With this adventure, I’ve decided to share my favorite quickie Korean beef recipe with y’all, and, while the name is certainly not politically correct, it does taste quite like that of bulgogi, which is one of our favorite traditional Korean dishes, sub the fancy meat. See below and eat to your hearts content. E loves it, hubs loves it, I love it. and the pup loves it-if he can manage to snag a scrap or two!

Korean Beef.

This may be one of the reasons why hubs loves me, not sure. But it is one of our favorite recipes in this 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 polish/spanish, 1/4 French/ Canadian, 1/4 Scottish household (with a few other breeds mixed in there, I’m sure).. Not sure why I just gave you those percentages, because none of them are Korean, maybe that’s why. Maybe this is my inadvertent way of telling you this is simply a favorite recipe not because we have any relation. I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

This meal is a quickie. So, are you ready?!

Korean Beef

First, take out your ground beef, brown sugar, soy sauce and ginger and throw them in the air. Those are basically your ingredients. See how easy that is. You could literally just throw all of these together in any order and on any kind of meat and instantly have a grand slam meal. Maybe not on fake meat, but on any other meat. Also, why are you eating fake meat? (jokes, I went through a vegan phase for a month of my life once upon a time, twas miserable’- actually if I’m being frank, I felt better than I ever have, but it was a lot of work so I just can’t, good for you if you can.)

Cook up your meats with some garleeks. Drain it and wabammm put it back in the pan(m).

Mix 1/4 cup of soy sauce and 1/4 cup of brown sugar togedda real veddy nice. Add in a dollop of ginger, some pepper flakes and sesame oil, then throw it in the pan. Not literally. Well, I guess if you’re into really big messes then you could do that

Cook it all together until the meat starts looking all dark and handsome. That’s when you know it’s been lurking in its own deliciousness long enough.

Fun thing about this recipe is that you can easily tweak it. Add some carrots into the meat concoction, or edamame, whatever may float your boat. Cook up some white rice, and you’ve got yourself a delicious little meal!

byeeeeeee {look at the picture below otherwise this isn’t as climactic]

Denman Estate Park
Jessica Gonzales