Foolin and Refuelin with a Couple of RVers

Family Selfie

This is my family. My parents are currently beebopping the country in an RV, if you didn’t know that already. My dad retired at… 53? after a lengthy career with Walgreens. He started working for them as a box boy in his twenties, met my mom, the cosmetics girl, later turned AVON lady, and worked his way up to DM. The corporation changed and stress ensued. My mom took notice, and made the executive decision that he needed to get on outta there. Insert early retirement.


Growing up, my parents took my sister (hey girl hey) and I, on a yearly adventure somewhere. It never failed that we had a happy, goofy time- aside from hangriness after long flights of course (until I became the worst teenager in the history of ever and blamed my parents for my social life crumbling when they “forced” me to go to Europe, dumb 17 year old. Who does that?!… I say ew to that girl… Also sorry fams- NEVER MAKE YOU’RE PARENTS FEEL BAD FOR WANTING TO TAKE YOU ON ADVENTURES).

Anywho, they instilled in us a sense of adventure. Which of course, initially stemmed from my Poppy and Grammy, who always took my dad and sibs on adventures when he was a wee one and who have officially traveled to like 9,000 countries. I KNOW THERE ARE NOT THAT MANY. But they’ve been to most of them. They owned a couple travel agencies, Yvonne’s Travel and Fairwinds Travel.


Right, so that’s where my love for adventuring comes from. Which brings me to my next point… Enter, title. You may be confused. I mean, I am confused, let’s be confused together and continue on…


You may think that the thought of being stuck living in an RV with your significant other is a foolish decision. I mean, I’m not sure how I would feel post hubs’ morning poo sesh either.

Without any real awareness, I pushed my parents into doing it. Call me a pusher, but not a drug kinda pusher (Mean Girls reference y’all, Bueller?).

They had already had it in their minds, but no real action was being taken. It was more like one of their butterfly ideas- if you ever wonder where I get my butterfly-ness from, hi.

The first 6 months after my mom pushed (again, a pusher) my dad to retire, they had their condo, and lived the same life they were on the weekends, only now, EVERYDAY they were going to the pool, which is cool if your into that, but I could just tell the ruttiness was there, blah blah blah.

They were stuck in a retirement rut. That is, until I came in town for my baby shower.

Apparently when I’m pregnant, I turn into a Tedx-er (being completely transparent here- I just gaggled ‘the best convincer in history, and all I got was hypnosis stuff and a bunch of speech givers whom I was not sure how politically correct they were so here I am, using Tedx to my advantage. So there’s that, maybe I’m a secret hypnotizer. Ihhhhihihihhi’m not guys- unless I am.).

Now don’t get me wrong, the rents were looking around at RVs, but it was extra casual, in the sense that they were simply browsing when they’d pass by a dealership and at that rate they’d be too old and gray to enjoy an RV… KIDDING… they are already old and gray (kidding kidding)

So I somehow TedTalked my way into getting them to book RV stays for the next year, and make a decision on an RV to buy and truly become full time RVers… It made sense since their gals are scattered across the country, one, all settled in, fluttering her post college (UCF- Go Knights) butterfly wings, all independent like, and the other one with a newbie grandchild babe on the way (hi, it me)…

Spearfish Snowpocolypse.jpg

So, how is this little experience fairing them now, over a year later, you ask? In my opinion, mahhhhvelous! Aside from the pangs of jealousy I get when they share all the animals they’ve seen in Yellowstone or some other ridiculous thing they’ve experienced.

They have seen more of this country than I could ever dream of (until we retire), and spend their days HIKING and EXPLORING and ADVENTURING… ya wonder where I get my wild hairs from?

Anywho, here is a little interview I’ve whipped up with them. Feel free to add this knowledge to your mental bookmark for when you have that itch to drop it all and sail ( or drive) away.

What was the biggest thing holding you back from dropping everything and becoming full time RVers? And why did you finally make the leap (aside from your Tedtalk daughter)?


Comfort? We were comfortable in our little townhome… not necessarily happy, but comfortable. Multiple factors came into play in our decision to make the plunge. Looking for adventure and exploring states in depth rather than just a few days like we otherwise would. A real freedom comes from selling your house and worldly (junk) possessions. We are allotted all the time we want wherever we want, without stuff holding us back. We are having the second biggest adventure of our life- first one kids (awww)- before we get too old and gray, which kinda feels like we are cheating the system by getting out of the rat race. Had we not invested our money wisely starting at a young age, none of it would have been possible. Save those dolla bills!

What has been your biggest struggle?

Learning to live together in such small home without killing each other lol ...but seriously it takes work to be able to be together 24/7 day after day so we are working on that skill constantly to make it even better 😜

Most hilarious situation?

Ummm lots of things… We just discovered last week that our RV heaters work on electricity as well as using propane. We had been going through a lot of propane over the last 15 months before we found this out…lol - we learned about this simply by speaking to another RVer at Devil’s Tower 😁 Another funny (in retrospect) was driving over the Mississippi River on our first trip and I, the driver (my dad) nearly passed out because of the high winds and a new, unknown fear of high bridges…We almost didn’t make it😳 Getting locked inside of the RV after our daughter- ahem- somehow managed to break the door lock while we were inside. It was okay though, we had little Ellie inside with us… Until we had to hand her down through the window, soon to be followed by the rest of us… Your mom was the funniest and almost broke herself getting out of the window...I could go on and on.

Favorite moment in RV life?

So many....

Padre (I did not add the emojis):

The Real Struggle

Learning to drive the RV with confidence in any situation is a good one, I’m now referring to myself as a road warrior...The ability to spend time in both Florida and Texas with our beautiful girls and family has been the best....Recently, getting stuck in Deadwood South Dakota by 2 feet 🦶 of snow ⛄️ and staying up till all hours of the night gambling and carrying on while #snowpocalypse was happening outside...Seeing mother Grizzly with 3 cubs for 4 straight days in Yellowstone along with scores of other animals (simply because we were able to arrive in springtime when critters are very active)....discovering Manatee Cove in the National Seashore in Titusville and watching 50 plus manatees playing/ farting for hours, not to mention a nude beach at the end of the park (unneccessary visual).....watching multiple launches at Canaveral was amazing....I could go on and on😘


We have been to 32 states and 29 National Parks.  It is absolutely amazing how much we have see in 14 months.  We have seen 55 different animals from Grizzly Bears , Moose, Fox, Coyotes, Elk,  Buffalo, Antilope etc...  we have also been to 3 Countries and 5 provinces.  We have stayed in some great RV parks and met so many good people who are doing the same.  Life is too short to not adventure out of your box and see the beautiful country God has blessed us with.

Typical day?

If we are not driving to another destination, a typical day is exploring wherever we are… our days are ours and we do as we please 🤗 We seem to be very unstructured and take turns choosing what each days activities will be we also change drivers daily in the 🚙 

I had to coax them some more...

We get up every morning with a smile on our face. Have no hurries just relax, eat breakfast. Momma has a smoothie and daddy has his steel cut oatmeal mixture. We will watch the today show as we get ready. Every day we take turns on the driver who picks the adventures of the day. We stick to one National Park area a week and really explore it.

Typical week?

Just ditto a typical day….

What I really wanted from them here was to hear all the nitty gritty of how they dump their poo and such, but their little typing fingers got tired. We’'ll save that fun for another day.

The coaxing was done. This took a hot sec to get finished, but by golly, I thought it too good not to share. I’ve often told these goons that they should start a blog of their own, but that would be like a squirrel learning how to drive a car (technology is the opposite of their forte). Be an adventurer guys, no matter where you are. You can simply go outside and see something new, and call it an adventure! Go do that.