Molokai'z Adventure Island

I know, I say this a lot. But I found it.

No, this is like, the real IT (NOT THE CLOWN).

I found Neverland!

It can be found at Molokai’z Adventure Island in Stone Oak, and let me just tell y’all, it is faaahhhhhbuloussss, but way better than the visualization of Oprah shouting fabulous.

If you’re looking for your next adventure with your little jam fam, look no further. Molokai’z has erryyythang you’d ever be looking for in a play place. Not only that, but the big kids (grown-ups) can be a shadow of their littl’ns while they attempt to tackle obstacle after obstacle (and then, said big kids can take turns tackling the challenges at the speed of light) .

As you drive upon the shopping center, you’d think you were just simply going to a store or a restaurant. However, as you approach the sliding glass doors, you’ll realize that you are, indeed, about to enter an island paradise.

Check In/ Safety


The check in area and the bathrooms are the only places where you can wear your shoesies (bring socks- no necked feetsies)… THANK YOU, germ free (ish), the way it should be!

As you check in, you can take in all of the happiness that is about to be had. The area furthest to the left is geared more toward the teeniest, tiniest version of humans. The padded wonderment that you see everywhere else is for all of the other children (young and old), though, again, we went everywhere with our little one year old, so it can be done… but if your little gets overwhelmed, take a quick break in the little tot land.

If you try to enter the adventure land before you check in/ pay, you’ll be denied, because there are locks keeping you out and keeping those on the inside from the escaping to the outside- this is my way of saying that no wandering oakens can escape while you’re on the inside.

Special Island Retreat

If you choose to start small (and/or are smaller than 4), start at the playscape on the left- or the Special Island Retreat, dip your toes in the water (figuratively) with your munchkin..

In the mini land, you’ve got a ball pit, a slide playscape, and a bunch of puzzles “underground”. The floor is padded, so if your crawler or just now starting to walk-er plops over, all will be happy because they’ll just squish!

There is even a ball merry go round y’all. We tried to plop E on one of those bad boys, buuuuut she wasn’t having it. However, give it a few more visits and she’ll become Lucille Ball… get it?

Sorry, that was a bad joke.

Big Kahuna

Right, so if you’re all warmed up, and ready to tackle the big island, then pull up your socks and get ready for some speedy slides, and the funnest obstacles your Neverlanding mind has ever encountered.

The playscape itself is a 3D maze of challenging and fun paths to navigate and climb! Each path leads to a hidden play area deep within the jungle or the ocean or the ship (each section is themed, because I didn’t love them enough already!)

If you’re following a little in like we were, challenge them to attempt some of the obstacles (obviously there are some that are impossible for a tiny tot, like the swinging bridge, but letting them try is important for their little challenge driven minds).

There is a ball shooting zone within the big island. You can watch a vacuum suck the balls into a basket that will tip when it fills up, or so hubs thought. He, with all of his might, tried to get enough balls to suck into the basket so that it would tip over. Poor guy never got to see the basket tip over… That is, not until he saw a tiny little person push the button on the side of the wall. Insert disappointment. Poor guy- though I laughed.

Swinging bridge.jpg

We slid down the slides at least three times each. We slow-mo crawled through each and every obstacle, occasionally lifting our tiny tot over an obstacle if it was deemed too challenging. ‘Twas a ball. And filled with balls.

The Arcade

Once we’d had enough island hopping, we went over to check out the arcade.

Instead of a plush doll machine, they have a Duckie machine, so of course, Jeff tried his hand at getting a duckie for E.

He succeeded on try number one. Kudos to hubby. The owner then walked by and said “isn’t that a fun machine?! It’s a ‘play until you win’ machine”

Hand Washing.jpg

Best machine ever for tiny humans. Big, ego driven humans, not so much. Again, hubs’s ego was crushed… LOLOLOLOL

Oh and there’s also this virtual game that is free in the arcade area, anddddd E was totes intrigued… If you see it from afar, it’ll look like a game of dance dance revolution, but it’s more like “happy little monsters, monsters get smooshed revolution”

If ya need to hit up the hand washing station, that’s literally what you’ll do… It’s the most perfectly thought out little station to degerm your littles fingers!


In short, nothing was missed here at Molokai’z Adventure Island! You can even order pizza and drinks and take a breather in the cafe, yummy! They are the most fun place to head with the fam this summer, whether it be with your mommy play group, for a birthday party or just for a daddy daughter date. We are so happy that they joined the San Antonio family of fun things! Stay tuned on their Facebook page for updates and specials! And most importantly, go have fun and be a little adventurer!!!