Onion Creek Kitchens at Juniper Hills Farm

Y'all. This is happy.

Onion Creek Sign.JPEG

I recently happened upon one of the most picturesque places in the Hill Country while en route to Austin. 

There was a simple little sign peeking out front that said "Onion Creek Kitchens at Juniper Hills Farm", so of course, in true "me" fashion, I did a little Google searchin, and became enthralled with what I saw. I emailed, and scheduled a time to venture out yonder. 


Unfortunately, the day that I had scheduled to head over there, the weather decided to combust into the grumpiest day on record. Alas, I ventured anyway, and to my pleasant surprise, it ended up being puuuuuurfecto for pictures! 

For starters, Sibby was a treat to meet! I'm a poet, don't ya know it? She's spunky and fun, and loves Italy, so of course there was an instant bond! She also loves beekeeping and even has a few hives on the farm!

When I arrived on the property, we walked into the kitchen where we started chattering straight away about the cooking classes, and all that the space offers, which is a ton! 

I learned how Onion Creek Kitchens came to be, as well as when Sibby decided to make the leap to build Juniper Hills Farm. More on that momentarily. Let's get back to the kitchen. 


Onion Creek Kitchens

Onion Creek Kitchens is a 1200+ square foot commercial baker's/ chef's/ humanoid's dream. The kitchen is stocked full with everything you could ever dream of that might be needed to create masterpieces, whilst drinking a glass, er, no, bottle of vino with your frams. 

The selection of dishes and servingware is a sight to be envied... Though I'm sure I'd be clueless of what to do with any of the aforementioned pieces of dining/ serving/ all things wares. 

The Details

Sibby will carefully prepare, and plan out each and every detail necessary before you come in for class... which takes any hardwork out of the cooking and creating process... Holllla! Stress free cooking, the way it should be! 

She wants her guests to feel as if they are visiting a dinner party in their friends kitchen, so she likes to keep everything very low pressure on the guests, yet very grand in the tastiness. That's how magical it is, you're not under scrutiny to be perfect with your recipes... it's all about having FUN!

Which is the way it should be, right?! So long as there's not a tiny tot scrambling at your feetsies trying to see what's happening up on the counter.. did I say that? Oops, such is life.

Cooking Classes

Sibby offers a plethora of cooking classes throughout the year, and if you're not really into cooking, you can sign on to be a spectator, and drink whilst everyone else is doing the "hard" work, then enjoy the grub that was created before your eyes. Win win!. 

Here is the menu of what her Mother's Day cooking class looks like at Onion Creek(ALERT: here's another hint for all the daddies out there.) 

Honor Thy Mother with a Springtime Lunch Menu

  • Pear Pistachio and Parmesan Pastries

  • Bacon and Pecan Brussels Sprouts

  • Peach and Honey Glazed Pork Chops 

  • Pecan Rice 

  • Scalloped Corn 

  • Ice Box Potato Rolls 

  • Italian Cream Layer Cake 

Sibby truly wants her guests to leave with more than just a recipe. Rather, an ability to have fun with their ingredients (and guests), and know that a recipe can (and should) be tweaked to a person's own tastes... be a whimmer, be a winger, be a live yer happiest life-er! 

The Barn

Onion Creek Kitchens Barn

After a thorough understanding of all that is offered in the Kitchen at Juniper Farms, we moseyed on over to her newest build, the barn- which can house up to 100-ish people for any event that may tickle your fancy, aside from weddings. 

She hosts a yearly Easter charity event in cahoots with a local animal clinic, the PAWS Shelter of Central Texas. This event sells out every year, and is quite the treat for the kiddos to partake in. 

Juniper Hills


The entirety of the property is known as Juniper Hills Farm. 

It started out as a happy home for Sibby when she moved here from Dallas, where she hails as a Texas culinary star at her bakery, Dallas Affaires Cake Company, creating cakes for humans from all walks of life (think Oprah, the mayor, or your next door neighbor). 

She started dabbling with cooking classes in her own kitchen on the farm, and eventually expanded it into what it is now, Onion Creek Kitchens, a place to gather with friends and loved ones for cooking classes, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, etc. 

Your cooking excursion or corporate event can even be extended by staying in one of the four cabins she has on her property. They are located just a stones throw from the tranquil infinity pool and outdoor kitchen, serenity now, y'all. 

Infinity Pool, say whaaaa?!

Juniper Hills Infinity Pool

Onion Creek Kitchens is the perfect place to hold your next event, have a date night out learning new recipes, or plan a Ladies Who Brunch outing. Sibby has taken her own version of Tuscany, plopped it in the Hill Country, and shared it with everyone who visits Juniper Hills. She is a hero in her own right. Land goals I say! 


ps. THE DONKEYS! She has donkeys on the property y'all. And donkey treats. I heard them as I was driving in with the windows down and I was like "what in the world is making that sound?!". My slow roll and squinty eyed glare through the woods gave me the answer I was hoping for... DONKEYS!!!!!! They are adorable, though I didn't get a super close up view of them, I already know they are. That's all! 

Go see for yourselves, it's absolutely worth giving more than a gander on the interwebs!