Safety in Adventuring


Ermskigurmski... Is it just me, or do littles love the rush of doing dangerous things?

Not even joking, Ellie's favorite things so far in life have been playing with doors that house harmful substances or ones that can slam her little fingers, standing on the dishwasher, and waving while climbing on the baby gate blocking off the stairs... WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!

If this is a vision of the little daredevil she's going to be in the very near future, we better buckle up. I mean, I get it... both her mama and dada are little weirdo daredevils, so it only makes sense.

BUT. Sometimes, mam can't hang.

Now don't get me wrong, we are super laidback about E exploring independently and trying things on her own [we're always there if she needs us], but when it comes to the nitty gritty unsafe chemically things, those are just a no gooo.

My initial response to this little monkey getting into the danger zones was tying a hair tie around the handles of e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, in addition to a conversation with E about WHY... again, babes are smarter than we give them credit..

Well, since I was about teeerreeeddd of losing my own hair ties, and since E was starting to push buttons [purposely], I decided to do a collaboration with a safety lock company, IJO Safety, and they sent us a package of 6 incredible safety locks!

Dual Action Safety Locks

Y'all. These locks are the bomb dot com.

They require zero screws.

They require zero real brain power from mom.

[ v. important as my mom brain is in full swing right now]

These locks are a game changer my humanoids. Fool proof, baby proof, mom proof. Well, actually, mom easy- mom proof in the fact that they are super simple to install and use, so again, baby brain isn't an issue.

To use em, you simply place them on the doors that you'd like to keep sealeeeeeeed using the adhesive 3m sticker on either side. You're probably wondering what in the literal world I'm talking about, read on...

Think of them as a dumbell- the sticker is on either side of the dumbell and sticks solidly to each door. Easy peasy.

There are tabs that you can push on either side of the dumbell too... these tabs are the release so that you can access your candy stash or wine stash or or or... whomp whomp whomp, your cleaning stash.

They can also be locked in place so that they are literally inaccessible, which I imagine is for when your baby becomes just a little bit less baby and a little bit more... aware- it's that additional lock that keeps you hiphaphappy and feeling safe and warm inside!

Boomshackalaka, nobody's getting into your stash tonight! Check them out over on Amazon!