A Christkindlmarkt-ish Day


Planning your entire day around an outing that holds your attention for like 5 seconds... I know I can't be the ONLY one that this happens to on a semi regular basis, right? I'll paint the scene. 

After deciding on a weekend event to visit a couple weeks ago in New Braunfels, we headed out at nap time, making the most of E's wake time. Facebook has totally changed the game of making everyone aware of fun happenings, das cool, which is where I found said event. It was to be a German Christmas market, or Christkindlmarkt.

old building

We drove around NB for a while, searching neighborhoods because that's wurr we want to live one day, and also E was still sleeping, praise Jesus. Towards the end of nap time, and also the end of our drive, ya girl had to pee. Like, an actual race horse. I don't think I've had a pee experience quite like this since I was a small tiny human myself. Dern me and my forgetfulness to pee before we left, come on recently preggo lady, know the rules!

We finally got to a gas station, and I jumped outta the truck before it was in park, and of course, beep beep- instant alarm clock. When I got back in, tiny human was awake. Magic I say. One super distracted boob feed and 3 miles later, we arrived at our destination, freshly napped, and freshly [semi] fed. 

I really had no idea what to expect when it came to this event, so we parked, Ergo'ed, and walked in. All my locals can appreciate this, twas' straight outta the Wurstfest playbook. In order to eat or drink, you had to have tickets, no cash or card. Makes no sense to me, but alas, I am not a planner of events. Every food booth was +/- 25 deep. There were about 20 local vendors selling their wonderful handcrafted goods, a small stage with local performers throughout the day, and a cute little pavilion where Santa would be later on in the day. We noticed that one food tent was loaded, so we googled the restaurant, and it was only like 3 miles away. Boooooom, lightbulbbbbbb. 

Leaf eating and/or crunching 

To the Christkindlmarkt's defense, the location was super neat. There were a few old buildings scattered around, so we got to exploring, and found an old school blacksmith straight outta Pirates of the Caribbean! No, no he was not, that's a farce. 

After about 15 minutes of exploring the entirety of the market, we decided that we'd sit on a curb and people watch so E could play in the leaves. We watched some young'ns do traditional dances, and I recited The Night Before Christmas to Jeff, along with the person who was actually doing story time, proving my memory isn't broken. This seemed a good way to make the most of this portion of our outing.

I can't be normal with you staring a me nice lady waitress, thank you

Insert 30 minutes and a whole lotta leaf particles later, we scaddadled and headed to our new favorite restaurant in New Braunfels, Uwe's  Bakery & Deli (pronounced Oo-vuhs]. While E sat in the high chair [cutest thing ever- also read Bringing Up Bebe], Jeff ordered the avocado club and I ordered the thhhhhreuben, I had to sneak some German grub in there. We ordered a cup of goulash [real life] for the table, and ermagherdddddd it was the tastiest thing YEVER, E lurved it as shwell. She also loved all of the lunch things that ended up on the floor, she tasted at least 30% of the food. Don't worry, we cleaned up the floor mess, well most of it... by we I mean Jeff, did you know he's my hewo?

After Uwe's, we had like an hour and a half left until E's next nap time, soooooo we decided it would be fun to check out Landa Park right down the street. I don't know why I thought it was in Austin. I'd confused parks. It's an easy thing to do. They all have similarish names. Don't look at me like that. 

Right, so Landa park is pretty much a fairytale. A. There is a 'firetruck' on the playground, heart melted. B. It is surrounded by WATER. You don't see that much water here in good ole SA, and this park is basically IN the water.. Not really, but you get my drift. C. THERE IS A CHOO CHOO TRAIN THAT TAKES KIDS ANDDDDDD ADULT CHILDREN AROUND THE PARK. D. There are insane geese E. There is, from the looks of it, a small child waterpark, obviously not open in the winter, but it looks legit, and adorbs. F. WALKING TRAILS G. Magnolia trees, omnomnomnom.  H. There was a wedding and we totally parked it probably 50 meters from them [not exactly sure how far this is, but lets say 100 feet]. Hey, that spot was the best picnic-ey vibey spot under the magnolias. and I. there are paddle boats... PADDLE BOATS I say! Kudos to you city planners of NB!

I could probably go through the entire alphabet. Gersh, I can't wait to take E back there when she's a tad bit older, and not as malleable. Once we left the playground and walked along the water to the most imposing spot by the wedding, we let E enjoy the findings in the grass, which included, but were not limited to; a magnolia pod thingy, or a seed, magnolia cones, grass- which then led to me whistling with the grass and Jeff pointing out that I'd cut my lip from doing that before, but I continued to do it anyway, leaves galore, and all sorts of other dirty goodness. If that's a run on sentence, sue me. Jk, how about a hug?

Long story short, the Christmaskindlmarket was not so hot on our list, but there again, we hosted our own Wurstfest this year to avoid that sorta crowdy wait-ey in line-ey thing, so that's just my opinion, also it may change once E gets a tad bit older, and can hang while waiting in line. HOWEVERRRRRRR... You should totally go to local markets and shop local. And visit Uwe's Bakery and Deli if you ever find yourself in New Braunfels, Tejas and get the cheesecake that kept slapping me in the face with it's good looks. And go to Landa park every day of your life. Or just a park. Go outsyyyyyyyyd!

K love you bye.