Be My Valentine


If you've been following along since the start of this craziness, you'll know that I have already attempted one version of finger-paint with E, when she was 4 months old, because crazy.

This is the second episode.

Logically, one would expect that with a few more months under her belt, this whole fingerpaint thing might go a tad bit better... one would be wrong. Wanna know why?

Because now all E is interested in is eating any and all of the delicious things that touch her hands. It is, in her mind, the only reason anything would ever be sticking to her fingers, for her pure tastebud enjoyment.

Oh well. Here goes.

Aight, so Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, as you can tell if you've ever walked into a store. Even though I am the world's least excited for V- Day (Hallmark holiday, ew- even though I LOVE love), I mustn't miss out on the traditions of being corny with our littl'n, so alas, I planned an activity to make the most of it.

Since my last go at finger-paint with E, I made a few tweaks to the paint, and it's a game changer y'all. This stuff dries similar to acrylic paint, yet it is skr8 edible, nom.

For the paint, we used the delicious coconut Noosa YogHurt that has been ever so nicely chillin in our fridge, and red food coloring. I've tried this once before just to make sure it was successful BEFORE I told y'all about it, and tis the jam.

We also ventured to Michaels to snag a few Valentine-y gems. Everything that's Valentines related is half off, say whaaa?! My coupon lady heart left happy.

[Did I leave with ONLY my Valentine gems, you ask? Of course not. ]

Anywhoooooo, I decided to limit paint colors to heart colors, so I stuck with pink, red and white. That way we didn't have to deal with any poo color smudges. I say win. [that may seem an odd thing to say if you hadn't read the last finger-paint fail].

I splatted some yogurt into three different bowls [the sticky ones to stick to the table]. You could use any yogurt here, but I used the Noosa Coconut because it's delish, and adds a bit of texture with the coconutty flakers.

I then used only red food coloring. I dabbled one or two drops into one of our bowls for the pink and stir stir stirred. Hey. Magical. Tis pink.

And deeeeen, I did the same thing, but with like 7 drops of food coloring for red. I may have gone a little overkill here, but booooooom, red.

White was left white. This one was purposeless because it just smudged into the other colors, becoming pink. Maybe they were all purposeless, I'll let you be the judge. Actually, after the fact, it all smudged into pink, so maybe the 'same color palette' thing was a fail, whatevvvvvvver, don't hate me.

Since I'm learning, I thought it best to set up our activity space before setting her at the table. Brilliant. I am becoming a pro at this parenting thing [eyeroll].

I squished the bowls onto the table, and TAPED a piece of cardstock paper down. Try and make a disaster out of that E, dare ya! [never taunt a baby, they will come at ya with a vengeance]

I then wrangled E and told her she was going to be making art. She totally understood me. I sat her down in her booster thingy, and told her to go at it. She immediately began plunging her fingers into the yoghurt, and then immediately tasting the delicious dessert I layed out for her, with not a care in the world to transfer paint from fingers to paper. You're welcome.

Finally, once she was over tasting each 'color', nicely muddling each bowl into a soft pink color, she started getting interested in the physical 'paint' portion of our activity.

Squish Squish Squish

3 minutes later, twas done. I knew we were done when she started to attempt to figure out the reason why the paper wasn't pulling up. That sneaky gremlin.

To finish off the artwork, momma added some gems. And I also tried adding fingerprints for a 'dot' effect. I know I know, it's cheating.

Then, all ya gotta do is let that bad boy dry dry dry. You may want to spray it with sealer, but I haven't and no ants have been marching one by one... yet!

So long story short, we came, we ate, we smudged, and we created... kinda. If I could do it all over, I WOULD use multiple color palettes again, since this artwork just turned into a pink blob with gems.

Anywhos, try it, and tell me how your little did with it! I recommend you use Noosa, but that's mainly because it's delicious and I'm partial to it. You probs already have whatcha need in the fridge! Happy crafting with your Valentine!

Oh and for good measure... once we were all done with our project, we went hog wild with the mess making, because why not.

That's it, k love you bye.