Bottle Battles.


the botttttttle, the dreaded bottle. Err, I had this really sweet plan before little bit arrived that Jeff would feed Ellie once a day so that he could bond andddddd so we could have date nighuuuuut, ear goes...

Cute idea, right?![straight face] The bottle aint. no. joke. It's like babies are predisposed to either eat only from the boob or drink only from the bottle, ya know. They can't have a happy medium, that would be preposterous. After four solid weeks of boob feeding, we were ready to get our tiny human on the bottle once a day. It took a hot second to get her to drink from that thing, but ya know what, she finally did! After a good two weeks of frantically going to different stores to buy fancy bottles... guess who came in clutch with Ellie's fave?! Yah, I'm lookin at you Amazon! We didn't even have to venture outta the house, we just did this crazy thing of looking up reviews and finding the adorably snuggly ComoTomo bottles. We also bought a few slow flow nipples to go along with the bottles since she was just a pocket sized sucker at the time. Ellie took to these new, squishy and fun bottles like a champ, probably because of their amazing vacuum-ey nip feature which kept the air out of her tummcicle [we had gas issues the first few weeks, no bueno]. Finally we found a bottle she imprinted on, hallelujah. The bottle taking was glawwwrious [Oprah hand shake], for both Jeff and I. Daddy got that snuggle snuggle, and I could stop being a freak about E not getting enough milk from my boob since I could pump and see how much she was taking [home chick is a tank, lets just put it that way].

Oh but wait. Insert 3 month old Ellie.

We took like uhhh day off from bottle feeding (maybe 3), and it's like she was possessed by a boob monster. The bottle was the bad guy again. As I'm writing this, it has been a good two weeks of these bottle wars.

At first she hated them, like would cry angrily at them. Then eventually she would just mouth them and talk to us [you know what I mean here, she's 3 months old] with milk dripping down her face, who does that? Milk wasters I say. We tried the same tactics we tried during Bottle War I. We tried giving her the bottle while baby wearing her, because, says another blog, the bouncing and distraction can enable the natural sucking reflex. Did not work (for us).

We resorted to letting her play with bottles and nips, throw them at us, kick them, throw them on the ground, feed them to Kuma (just kidding, she's too small for that still, you cray?) etc. NADA

Then, fie nah leeeeee, we were playing in her teepee and a nip was on the ground, she started just randomly sucking it like she was suckajaweeah. I've got pics, or it didn't happen.I screamed at the hubs to make a bottle [please of course], he may or may not have thought I was dying, but alas. I twisted her into my lap facing away from me, channeling my inner hummingbird (is that weird?). She sucked that bad boy down. Since then(this was written a few weeks ago), daddy bear has his feedings back, and we have the prospect of having date night success BEFORE bedtime, say whaaaa?! Bottle feeding part-time, it's not for the faint of heart. But don't. give. up! If only babies could just read the Nike slogan, jeeps. How has your bottle feeding experience been? Good, bad, happy, sad?! Tell the world below, let's help out any other mommas who might be experiencing the same thing!

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