[Fellow Humans]


Hey Hi Hello! Welcome to my silly, all over the place lifestyle(ish?) blog! This is blog number 4 for me, the first three were just freebie practice blogs before I actually put time and effort into them [or let's be real, before I actually knew what I was doing, still don't], buttt izzz go time. I am the wife of a[n] [extraordinarily attractive][ and smart][and funny] firefighter [get yourself a boy who opens the car door for you], a new mum to the sweetest little lady lovebug, and a lover of exploration and being a child.

Right, so I am a stay at home momma and I lurve it and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be the first in line to see our babes hit her milestones-  cuz let's be real, babies grow SO fast [insert crying waterfall emoji]. But with that, I have noticed that I need a bit of a creative outlet to focus on while little one naps or else I might become a a character on Stranger Things (I'd most likely be the Demogorgan thing... or Barb.. gosh I hope I'm not Barb, she only has like 3 episodes!). I am best at being a human when I have a routine- just like babies- and now writing is part of MY daily routine. It's my little escaupaayyyy[ hone in your inner Dory for this one].

I have always loved creative writing, probably since the time I was in 5th (or 6th, can't member) grade in Mr. Stoudt's[sp?] class and would write alongside my childhood bestie about the most ridiculous outer space extraterrestrial or personified goat stories anyone could think of. I would get giddy about sharing them with the class, twas ridic. I only wish I still had those notebooks... Mah?!

As for my former self before being a momma, I've been all over the place. Those closest to me would say I'm a butterfly, as I liked to switch things up quite frequently, career wise... and whim wise, I'm a ninja whimmer- what can I say, happiness is number one in my book. After graduating from the University of North Florida, I have worked as a teacher and then a nanny and then a teacher again, and then a PE assistant, all until little bug was born.

Now that we have a little one running (edit, squirming) around, I am hopeful to instill in her a desire to adventure and get dirty and be silly and weird and all of the above, all in hopes that she realizes her passion in this big, big world. As Peter Pan would say,

to live will be an awfully big adventure.

So, with all of that being said. I hope you enjoy following along on this little adventure of mommyhood and wifeyhood and lifeyhood. I'll share all sorts of different adventures, both near and far from home. And sometimes, maybe I'll share a nonadventure. Enjoy!disclaimer: I use a lot of ridiculous writing... aka I don't like to make sense a lot of the time, and I spell things incorrectly on purpose [or is it because... ?!], just go with it. Also I use my own version of pronunciation respelling [i just looked this up] a lot of the time. Just call me a nonsensical writererererer. Enjoy!