Fingerpainting with Food


The following is the real life telling of a fingerpainting project with a 5 and a half month old. No parents were injured in the making of this project. All details and events are true to the beholder, and are being shared to help others grappling with the thought of creating with their little. These are their stories.You scared yet? You should be. Ellie turned into Richard Simmons from this project...

I KIDDDDDDDD- she's just too cute in this ridic outfit, I had to throw it in somewhere:)

Izz not that terrifying. It was actually pretty fun. Call me guilty of sucking you in with dramatic effect. I've been struggling with the fact that I'll have to wait to do fingerpainting with Ellie until she's 3+, as that's what the bottle says [because I'm really good at following the rules(I'm not)]. So call me rebellious. I was getting ready to blend up some raw grub for Ellie and store it [more on that in a sec], when I got an epiphany. If the humans of the land used berries and such to create art, why couldn't Ellie create her first piece of artwork the same way?! With that thought, momma got to work... Here are those stories [dramatic effect again y'all, sorry... If you've never seen an episode of SVU, then you probably don't get it. Oops]

Grub Making

I start out by buying an ish ton of frozen fruits and veggies. Sometimes I'll use fresh berries, but frozen lasts forever and home chick eats like a few tablespoons a day as an intro to food [also frozen mango is the jam for momma snacks], sooo. For today's stash, I decided I was going to smoosh up some mango, bluebs, strawberries, and spinach [the colors are nice and vibrant togedda, perfect for 'painting']. The mango and bluebs were frozen, and the strawbs and spinach were fresh, same outcome. I have a ninjabullet thingy, which I love [I could probably do with a new one since it's seen it's fair share of abuse... anyhow].And dennnnSo I take a handful of one fruit, and add a dash of water, then blend away until it's basically liquified. As for the food storage, for now, I use ice cube trays since we're only doing meals at home. Ya johhhhhst pour the puree into each little cubey doobey spot, obviously you blend each produce choice separately... unless you choose no to, whatevs, you do you. Eventually you can add yummy spices like cinnamon to add flavor, but for now we're just being basic little boogers. Stash away in the freezer, and like magic you have the perfect portion size to feed your little.

Baby Food Cubiez

Surpplies [Sir-pligh/z]:

Ice cube tray

Frozen or fresh fruit

Dash of wahwah


Depending on how many cubiez you want to make, place your fruit and water into your blender. Blend. Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze. Stash away any remainder for dun. dun. dun...


 The lovely little leftover 'paint' gets separated into four bowls. If you're crazy, you'll place the bowls on the tray table with your baby. I chose to not be crazy on this day.

I got Ellie all fastened into her chair, and placed a nice, fresh piece of paper in front of her. The paper was screaming NOOOOOO as i placed it down.

Then, silly me, I poured the 'paint' directly onto the tray... instead of on the paper. And deeeeeeen I overcompensated for my fail, and added way too much to the paper, so what we had in a matter of 5 seconds, was poop. The 'artwork' turned doodoo brown, and Ellie was sopping wet ALL OVER with sticky fruit paint [I mean, that's to be expected but not straight out the gate].Brilliant move mah. So I threw that one away [I know, I cheated], wiped up the paint and started over. To my delight, Ellie was straight chillin. Unphased by mommy's initial fail.

 The second go around was much more controlled, and consisted of Ellie rubbadubbin the goodness all over, and tasting it on occasion. Twas an adorable little project, granted the artwork wasn't necessarily picasso by any standards [it still kinda resembles doodoo once it dries because the 'paint' evaporates, but oh well]. Also, you might get ants if you don't seal it with RUST-OLEUM's Matte Finish Clear Coat. That tidbit is kinda important if you actually wanna keep your kiddo's doodoo paper. Alas, it is our little's first piece of artwork, and to me, that's worth a thousand bucks, and shall be kept in the memory vault forever, or until she grows up and doesn't want anything to do with childhood anymore [obviously we'll insert the waterfall tear emoji here, and I'm gonna go cry now].Hindsight, I'm thinking if you just blend the produce without water, the colors won't become muted... maybe? You try it and let me know!Now here's your other homework... Give me the gory details of your little failed crafting adventures [which are usually better than the pristine ones!] I wanna know 'em, I wanna try 'em, I wanna eat 'em up!