Friday Franks

Welcome to the new segment y'all... a shmorgisborg of random happenings... Showing that being a momma is more than just having a baby... ya need yer i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t time... Frank numero uno comin atcha hawwwwt.

I might be famous, nbd.

I'm joking guys, the closest I'll ever get to fame is watching Almost Famous... which I've never actually watched. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Bear with me.

So. I am a Blogger Babe, which has literally been one of the best decisions I have made in a while- outside of becoming a wifey and a momma and sharing my weirdness with the world.

Blogger Babes has completely helped me to legitimize myself as a blogger. It has been huge in the confidence building sector- labeling yourself as a 'blogger' is a very daunting task. It has also been huge in the 'women empowerment' sector. And the 'let's be nice and share helpful information with each other' sector. And the 'community over competition' sector. And let me be frank, the ‘let’s turn this digital friendship into a brick and mortar friendship’ sector

It's just happiness.

Anywho, Jenn Kipp, who is our amazing leader here in SA, recently reached out looking for peeps to be hair models. I jumped on board, since it was advertised as being based on our inspiration photos, AND we'd be working with celeb stylists, say whaaaaat?!

Fast forward

A few days later and ya girl was scheduled to be there for a day and a half of hair fixer-ing.

When I say fixer-ing, I mean fiiiiiiix-er-ingggggg...My layers were super shelfy and I'd been cutting my own bangs since December, which, it showed... oopsies.


Right. So morning of is upon us, Yippy and Yaya are crashing at the house to morning sit E until hubs gets off shift. I headed to Hue Studio, expecting to find a salon in a shopping center.

Kenzie [my Prius] pulled into a dreamy hidden driveway of a beautiful home at 6:45am. I noticed a bit of movement while I was chugging my coffee creepily in the car and being awkward.

Let's be honest, I questioned whether or not I was going to be greeted by an angry homeowner- wondering why in the world I was lurking on their property in the dark. Despite this concern, I go in.


Hue Studio is a salon that is owned by Luly Iyali [who I vote to be tribute as my hairstylist from now until forevermore]. It is located in her home, that she shares with her hubby and pup, Oz... Well, to be exact, the hair studio is in what used to be the atrium... Which adds to the happiness of the studio. Her art studio. Her passion.

Get this. Her hubby's art studio is in the house as well. Parallel to her hair studio. It's like they get to work on their passions while in parallel universes. Mind blown. Pew Pew

I have never been so inspired.

It is Zen. Zen is it.

The hair studio itself is just happy. It was like an Anthropologie came over with all of it's local friends, and plopped itself down in her studio. From the couch, to the succulent garden all the way to the music on the speakers. Zen. Happy. Zen. Have I overused zen yet? I can't help it, it's too perfect.

OH. And their pup Oz was the mascot for the day, scouring the lands for the weakest link with food. Twas adorbs.

My jaw had to be wedged shut, so I could take in the rest of the day. And heck, this was all in the first five minutes. Shabam.


The day was beautiful. The hospitality from everyone involved in the Virtue Labs class was top notch. The other models, Trish, Christine, and McKayla, were incredibly sweet. We were fed deliciousness from Bakery Lorraine throughout the day, and heavily caffeinated. I even learned how to make a French press café. Them there thangs are purrty cool.

I felt like royalty. 'Twas not expecting to feel like royalty just being a hair model, but I did. No one treated us any differently than the next person. It was like we were celebrity stylists too- only, if I were doing the hair, the color would be everywhere and random people would have haircuts, unplanned. It would be straight outta ole Eddie Scissorhands playbook.

Day Un

I started my day with makeup by Cynthia, who killed it with simplicity the first day, and boldness on the second day.

I then had a hair consultation with Buddy, along with his assistant Austin. My hair was a rat's nest, oopsies. Thanks for making it manageable:)

Before- Cut

The first day was designated for cut and color prep. My haircut was a dry cut, done by the incredible Buddy Porter of Meché Salon in LA. He mostly focuses on dry cutting, which I now love. I requested a textured lobbish look, and I got it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy hair styling, which this momma loves!

I truly have a new appreciation for the art involved in hair styling. It was absolutely evident that what he does fuels his fire, and he wants to share all of the things he knows with everyone else. Again, inspiring day.

Speaking of fire, my hair was fireeeeee. Buddy was able to magically blend in all the wacky layers that were happening up in my hairs. I was, am, will be, obsessed fuuuuurevaaaa. Thanks Buddy! And thanks for the style and 1,000 washes Austin!

After- Cut

After my haircut and style, I went back into the chair and got started with the highlighting process.

Y'all. I have a lot of hair. It's thick, so it takes a hot sec to finagle foils and things. BUT. Being in a chair under Martine was another awe inspiring thing.

She is pure genius with foil placement, and doesn't just rush through to git r done. I wish I had the patience she has. Truly remarkable.

She even coined a term while I was in her chair.. Passion over patience. I like it, I like it!

All that was done on day one color wise was the highlights, which is what breaks down my hair color so a new color could be introduced to my noggin... Scary, but exciting! When I say ALL, I don't mean 'oh that's nothing' way... Highlights are the part that takes the longest, hence them being done the day before the color class... especially with thick hair.... it takes major skill to place a highlight and keep it au naturale, but of course, Martine killed it!

My hair was left with the raw highlight overnight, and day Deux, 'twas to be colored.

Day Deux.

The second day was saved for the color class, so Martine glossed my hair on camera, whilst teaching the class, giving it the bayalage-ey look. I LURVE IT.

If I were a hair stylist, I would have been hanging on her every word... as I'm sure all of the students were. Martine has a way with making things easy to understand while also keeping you in the know with each and every little trick she has in her book. She is a Virtue Einstein too!

Martine is a wealth of humor and knowledge. She shares ALL with anyone who asks, and has the most incredible outlook on life. Just speak your dreams into the universe, and they will happen!

Anywho. I'm a bit more inspired this week, thanks to Buddy, Martine, Austin and Luly and the whole crew. Thank you