Imagination Practice: Space Travel


Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to go into space and be on a different planet? No, well sorry, keep reading anyways.

So I know our E bug is too little to use her imagination, but by golly her momma and daddy sure ain't [ain't ain't a word and I ain't gonna say it]!

Do you remember when you stopped using your imagination everyday to play? I do, and it was sad. I was like 13, and just beginning to get into my brattatatat stage of life, where being a social butterfly was more important than finishing our neighborhood log cabin, made with stumps and elephant ears. How lame, I know.Now, at the ripe ole age of [gulp] 29, I have to actively engage my brain in 'out of the this world' thoughts. I'm sure it will be easier when E is interacting and going along with our silly adventures, but it still crushes my soul to know how pretending used to be second nature, and how I now have to activate that part of my thinkering. I. am. a. ro. bot. hi.Anywho, enough of that sadness [long story short, use your imagination more often so you can exercise them there brain muscles and pretend with yer kiddo].Storytime

Ellie, daddy and I recently blasted off into space in a spaceship[box]. Ellie drove. Are you ready to use your imagination for this one? Imagination practice session numero uno, ready, set, action.

First off, we crash landed [no surprise there when you let a baby drive] onto a rickety old wooden platform, as far as us earthlings could tell. Not sure where the wood came from or who built it, maybe it was space debris that landed on this here planet of Pluto [I KNOW IT'S NOT A THING ANYMORE- also, but why?!]While we were making sure all was okay with our spaceship, a big white fluffy alien thing sauntered over to us, and we trembled in fear. It gave two sniffs, and boom, flipped our spaceship over. We think it was accidental.We were immediately forced to exit the spaceship and be one with the planet's atmosphere, which was really weird. Everything looked all pixeley, like we were in a computer or something. The planet also seemed to be covered in growths like goobly mooglies and puffcanos. What are those you ask? Read on...The goobly mooglies were everywhere! They were long and wiggly, and they looked like the hair from a swamp monster, or Old Greg. They were different colors like blue, green, and red, and they were squishy to the touch. The alien fluff ball kept doing tricks to get us to give him little bites of them. He was cray... it's not like he couldn't just grab them himself.The puffcanos were huge mountainous things that spewed soft white snow onto our heads. Once enough spewed down onto the ground, it was moldable, and could turn into a small ball, but would then crackle under the pressure of a hand. We lost interest in the puffcano dust quickly, and moved on to finding a wand which then transported us to Harry Potterland.All in all, it was a messy adventure. But hey, aint no party like an alien invasion party, right?!If you're intrigued as to what in the heck just happened up there, and what was used in our space invasion, the deets are belowwwwwwww.

Goobly Mooglies, aka spaghetti
Spaghetti noodles
Food coloring
In a pot, cook the noodles for forever so they are super mushy, like sticking to the cabinet and molding itself into the grains of the wood kind of mushy. Drain those bad boys,  then mix in some food coloring, and voila, goobly mooglies. Let the noodles dry up a bit so that the food coloring doesn't completely cover your tiny human.
Puffcanos, aka Moon Sand
3 c. flour
1/2 c. coconut oil [or any other oil you may have- coconut oil is a personal favey]
Put the flour in a large bowl or Tupperware to save. Heat the coconut oil so its all liquidy, then mix it into the flour with your hands. Yes, they will get dirty, but eventually you'll have moon sand. Keep adding in coconut oil to get the consistency you'd like. It should be semi moldable, but also crumble apart at one little poke.