Ode to Mahmiehūd.


It all started with that little blip of a heartbeat,

which grew into uncertainty and a bloated seat.

And love, there was a whole lotta love.

Then you were here, coming from the man above.

I cried just looking at you.

I was warned, no doubt, but that didn’t help my view.

Tears, thinking of the fleeting years,

and all the wonderful memories we would share(s).

When I look back, Jeff held it together for me,

supporting all of my whims without wanting to flee.

Those first few weeks months were sleepless,

yet I somehow had more energy than I do now, regardless.

Between all the regressions and spurts and leaps,

the growing you've done this first year shows in your sleeps.

You are our sweetest addition,

so much more fun to watch than the television

Your love of fluff is hilarious,

and your heart is already gargantuas

40% of the books we read came in handy,

that one, you know, is the opposite of dandy.

Onto a year you go,

where it will take us, who will know.

Keep being our little explorer,

our wonderer, our observer.

Our most favoritest little weirdo,

who loves her brother more than an oreo.

This world is so big,

let's get to exploring before the flying pig[s].

Here's to one. And here's to mommyhood.