Hi. If you've been following along on this journey, you'll notice that the blog has gone all kinds of wonky, IF a post was posted at all [to be totally transparent, there's like 12 thousand pages of unfinished posts, buuuuuut ya girl is just not feeling them, scoops. or oops].

I had all these plans to wake up BEFORE the buttcrack of dawn and use that time to work on the blog, but then we went through sleep regressions and THE. DREADED. TIME. CHANGE. AND TEETHING... and momma bear became a real life hibernating bear and it didn't happen. Dang me and my ability to whim. Did you know it takes 21 days to form a habit. Not A day. I should have called my own bluff.

I must be honester, I got ahead of myself. The pressure was starting to build monumentally with weekly posts, and I couldn't keep up, in addition to being a momma and a wifey. So here I am, reboiling the pot of energy.

Let's go ahead and call the remix a New Year remix, because if you saw one of my latest insta quotes, you'll know that the pressure of the holidays is creeping up in hea.Starting in January, you can expect a blog post at least every OTHER week and I'll hopefully be mixing it up a little, one week maybe I'll post about an adventure we had, another maybe something I created, maybe one week I'll post about Ellie's poop consistency. [You weren't expecting that were you. Got ya;)], and maybe one week about some ridiculous encounter we had...speaking ofQuick story, day before Thxgv, I was leaving the grocery with my sis and Ellie, buckling E in her carseat, and of course moving sloth like. I noticed a car waiting for my spot, so I tried to speed up a little bit. I got in the driver seat, looked in the rearview at the car, and KID YOU NOT... the older lady- who most likely has gotten a child into a carseat at some point in her life- was wafting her hand at the truck, like in the way that obviously meant she wanted me to hurry up. WELL I NEVEAAAA... I noticed this, stopped backing up, pulled back in, and then SLOOOOOOOOOWLY started pulling out of the parking spot. My sis wanted to give the lady the bird but I said no, it's almost thanksgiving, and when I finally got out of the spot, as she was intently glaring at the truck, I GAVE HER THE HAND. No joke, THE HAND. Too bad she couldn't hear me recite 'brick wall, waterfall girl you think you know it all, you don't, I do, so poof with your attitude!' TELL ME YOU REMEMBER THAT?! Storytime over.Anyways, I'll be keeping you up to date on the gram, I'll probs do a revamp of that too for the billionth time. Stay tuned!ToodlesPS. Hahaha one more thing to show just how all over the place I am right now, I just scrolled up to check the title of this post, and it's backyardigans, because my intentions were to talk about backyard adventures. Another time brain, another time. Boy did my mind take a swift 180. Right, toodles again.